Brendan Gara Photography

Stuff that’s still good

I found a load of negatives from the 80’s recently as we were tidying up. I always knew I still had them somewhere as I could vaguely remember pictures around that time, but not all of them.

It’s interesting though looking at stuff that’s nearly 30 years old. In fact it’s a bit mad.  The same themes come though more or less; friends (not all here anymore, sadly); 2 dimensional landscapes; pictures from moving cars, general stuff.  Most things from now were there then, bar seagulls and semi- nude or often nude women (although to be fair, 30 years ago that was a lot harder to engineer).

It makes me think that certain ideas are programmed into you, and that you want to photograph them over and over again.  Probably not with a final version ever in mind, but just something that constantly irritates you, visually. The same themes you come back to time after time.

Having said that, I do think you’re relationship with those ideas fundamentally change.

30 years ago Jack Kerouac’s “on the road” felt like a wild tale of “hep- cats” on a mad cap road trip across America.  These days it just seems like the semi- incoherent ramblings of a bunch of jazz- wankers talking shit and taking too many drugs.

Probably all shot in HP5 or Pan F or XP2 and a Minox GT, or maybe a “Praktica BC something or other” (I don’t know, they’re nearly 30 years ago).

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