Brendan Gara Photography



Another infrequent post from down South.  I’ve been slowly working through photographs and I’ll post some more over the next few weeks.

I’ve said before that living in a place lends a very different viewpoint than a quick stopover or even a week long holiday.  Subjects that initially seem interesting or important dissolve away as you become part of the landscape that you are living in.  I’ve seen this photo before, not as an actual photograph, but as a view from behind my windscreen as I drove back and forth to work.  If it wasn’t snow blurring the scene, it was rain, or hail or dust.  But, every time I thought, “that’s a good photo”, and then realised my camera would be behind me, or in the passenger seat-well!

Landrovers are also an integral part of the landscape here.  They’re the utility vehicle par excellence, and although Japanese 4x4s are becoming more (if not more) prevalent, most islanders would i’m sure have fond memories of being a passenger or driver in a 110 or a 90 defender at some point.

This time I saw the vehicles approaching in my rear view mirror, pulled over, grabbed my camera and let them pass.  Still only a couple of snatched shots and the photo was gone.



All M6, 50mm Sonnar & Tri-X

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