Brendan Gara Photography

o cara mia



Following on from my last post, I sometimes use a collection of images from other photographers as a way of explaining a mood or a feel that I’m after.  I haven’t managed the social media step to Pinterest, so a crumpled sheet of printed  A4 paper tends to be the means.

Invariably they include the likes of Lillian Bassman and Ellen Von Unswerth, and to a much lesser extent, male photographers. I tend to think we’re most often focussed on “bits”, content and technical perfection, rather than women, who seem to understand context and mood much more).   The Royal Photographic Society’s annual travelling exhibition complete with the inevitable topless ballerina springs to mind.  Seriously why are they always wearing a tutu, shoes, and nothing else?  What happened?


Probably more important than specifics is the imagery that you subconsciously absorb when reading, watching films or generally just day dreaming.  To my mind it’s about eyes, lips and mood, and then all the other “bits” should fall naturally into place, and hopefully if you’re in control of the camera, the pictures will form.



All Tri-X and 50mm Sonnar, bar the second one on a voigtlander 40mm SC.




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