Brendan Gara Photography

Subject & Daylight


Another daylight session from back in February.

In photography I’m generally not one for complicating things with too many variables.  The subject, a simple location (a room with somewhere to stand, sit or lie), two cameras (one with a 50mm on the front, the other with something different), Tri-X in both and a handheld meter.  And daylight.  Doesn’t even really need to be much of that around.


I suppose I could reduce it further and have only one camera, and then even more so, one lens.  Most things look better through a 50mm, and if they don’t you could just move a bit until they do.  I’m actually starting to think that way more and more: the more you remove choices, the simpler and clearer it all becomes.  Which opens you up to serendipity.




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