Brendan Gara Photography



Haven’t posted for a while, but have amassed some stuff recently.  Back in the UK for a while last month, so came back with rolls and rolls of exposed film (Portra mostly) to get developed at Peak Imaging.  I think it’s technically possible to get film developed here, but it has to be sent to Chile, so forgetting the long turn around, I’m not 100% I’d get it back.      Anyway whilst in the UK I managed to get a couple of shoots in and try some new and old stuff out.

I hadn’t used my home made meniscus lens for a while, but thought it would be just the ticket when shooting Heather May Corvid.  It’s the small lens out of a broken mamiya C330 telephoto lens, stuck in the middle of a canon body cap.  Sometimes it produces nice results, fairly sharp centre with stupidly quick fall away into dreamy haze: lens flare a go- go.

Must use with caution though, otherwise everything ends up looking like the glamour chapter of some dodgy 1970’s photography “how to” book: all soft focus striped leggings, roller-skates and bobble hats.





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