Brendan Gara Photography

Fixtures & Fittings


Hotel Del Almagro, Santiago, Chile.  August 2015.  Southbound.

Travelling for work is very different to travelling for fun.  It generally feels like it’s done to you, rather than you being part of it.  And when you get to your destination things look pretty much the same as where you departed from: beds are beds, chairs are chairs, sofas are sofas (comfortable, lumpy, too small, too big).  Food is reasonably similar, variations of meat, fish and vegetables.  Light fittings are well, light fittings.  But I end up staring at them quite a lot.  I suppose it’s because you tend to spend a lot of your time, sat or lying around waiting for something to happen.  TV is OK for a while, but unless you’re fluent and interested, US sitcoms in any number of languages are still US sitcoms.

Anyway that aside, and as metaphors go…

I finally got around to downloading the memory card from the Fuji.  Pictures all the way back to July 15.  Invariably looking at the back of the camera to review images, elicits nothing less than unbridled disappointment, and on the whole downloading is the same.  There were two pictures I liked, the one above and the one below.  I’m different about film images though, the lack of instant review seems to act as the first stage of editing.

Getting hold of film and developing film here is going to be virtually impossible for the next 9 months or so and if I could I’ll only have the occasional access to a scanner.  So next time I’m briefly “up north” (in the northern hemisphere) I think I’ll load up on a 100 + or so rolls of portra and Tri-X, shoot them down here and then develop and scan, when I’m next back.  I like the idea of that: it’s “shooting more, showing less”, and a year long project down here in the Falklands, shot on film sounds interesting, time to develop things without worrying about instant feedback.


Stanley, Falkland Islands. September 15.


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