Brendan Gara Photography



Some recent work, sorry been very busy!

Using the holga again this time with Kodak Portra (but developed in rodinal 1:100, hence the black and white).  I tried it with out of date XP2 and it seemed to work OK, so when it came to developing all the films, I just put the portra in the B&W pile on autopilot.  I have to pinch myself sometimes when I see the results of the hola though.  Idiot focussing and no controls, but it consistently produces creamy results.

The ones below were shot with the c-sonnar on my M6TTL again.  It’s pretty much always on my camera.  Tri- X again in rodinal 1:100 (I’m a lazy developer- stick it in the dilute developer and then go off for an hour or so, come back, rinse and fix).

More on my flickr page.



The one below is on the 90mm summicron: sometimes I do take the sonnar off!




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