Brendan Gara Photography

50 Shades of blue?..No, Pink?…No, Aubergine? Thats more like it.

sarah toned 1 SMALL Web

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on another project involving cyanotypes. These are the first pictures from it.

sarah toned 3 SMALL Web

I didn’t think the deep blue colour of a cyanotype was right for this subject matter, so I spent a fair bit of time playing around with toning and papers.

It’s surprising how different papers react to the same toner: again the expensive “art paper” sucks big time and turns a frankly horrible shade of pink, whilst the cheaper “run of the mill” paper produces beautiful shades of near black, with a hint of aubergine in there for good measure!

More to follow, and I will try and shoot some more in a similar vein in the next few months.

Toner was tannic acid: a nasty, resinous powder that is used in brewing. That’s another unexpected synergy between beer and photography – result!

Reader Alert: The one below is probably Not Safe For Work.

sarah toned 4 SMALL Web

Cameras used:

Large Format 4×5 MPP Mk VI & 150mm Rodenstock Sironar f5.6 and HP5.

Home made “DIY” Meniscus lens on a Canon EOS 33 and Tri-X.

Printed on Windsor & Newton “Longton” 300g/m2 paper


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