Brendan Gara Photography


CloughaPORTRAMF021 mid size-2

Haven’t seen these for a while, but they look distinctly like Walsh PB tread marks.  An opportunity to climb Clougha Pike came my way a few weeks ago.  i haven’t been up this fell just outside Lancaster for years, but spent many a time running up it, walking up it, cycling around it and generally just being on it when i was much younger.  Not much had changed really: still muddy, still windy and still a nice wild place.  It took me maybe an hour to slog my way up against the gales, stopping to take photos as I went.  I seem to remember it used to take me about 27 minutes to get up and down when I was much younger and able to run up and down.  Mind I wasn’t taking photos at the time.

CloughaPORTRAMF018 mid size-1Minor mishap on the way down though, my water bottle leaked and the M6 got totally filled with water.  I dried it out, but the viewfinder still had moisture in it obstructing the view.  A quick trip to Wilkos and some silica gel cat litter and a plastic sandwich box later, I’d made a DIY desiccator and within a couple of days the moisture had all gone.  Camera works fine, I’m just pleased i hadn’t put Vimto in my water bottle as I’d be seeing things through a red stained viewfinder.

All photos Mamiya 7 and Kodak Portra 400.



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