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Les Invalides. The Ronin museum. The Louvre. The D’Orsay. Eighteen miles of walking at least. Back up the Champ Elysses again and again, through the Christmas crowds and Santa Claus on a high wire.

The locks on bridges: I don’t quite understand the penchant for combination locks; it seems like a bit of a cop out. Couldn’t you come back and remove it if it all went sour? It’s not as if you’ve thrown the combination in the Seine?  I love the big bike locks though, with the big U’s: that’s generous, you’ve obviously got love to spare!

Long queues for anything on a tourist guide, and then if you look up, lots of crows and gargoyles. I like crows and gargoyles: more so when they’re in the same picture.

We ended up in a brasserie on the Isles St Louis: Confit de canard and a bottle of Cotes de Rhône, then onto the zoo!





  1. Jill (Gibson now but was Reid)

    Hey Brendan!! Long time no speakie 🙂 … Got to contact u cos

    (1) I’ve finally had a Beefheart epiphany & I want to tell you

    (2) I want to see if you are coming to the reunion? I nearly have Glynn persuaded, & me, Carmen, Ailsa & Natasha would all love to see you, really love to see you, plus Jonny & Howell & Laurence …

    We’ve got a whole music thing going on & I’ve rediscovered stuff I’d forgotten as well as getting into new things … But I really want to tell you about my Beefheart moment … Drop me an email & I will.

    Love the blog, the words & pictures .. Only looked at a few posts so far … Some really fab photos. Beautiful. You talented boy 🙂

    Jill xx

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