Brendan Gara Photography

down time


I’ve always said that when you work somewhere you see completely different things to when you’re there as a tourist.   I’d extend that to say that when you are visiting somewhere to work albeit briefly, the same applies.

Case in point- a recent trip down to the southern hemisphere for three weeks work. Obviously I’m going to take a camera or two, on the off chance that there’s an opportunity. Overseas work trips, however, tend to follow the same routine; drive to the airport, drop the hire car off, check in, sit around waiting for a flight, get on, take off land somewhere at some odd time (it’s hot and dark, must be around the equator somewhere), sit around, take off again, land, stand around, passport checks, drive to site, go onsite, crash out, work for three weeks, then reverse the process finally ending up at home with a bag full of washing and no idea what has been going on in the world.  But the sun is back in the right place and moves in the right direction.

Occasionally there’ll be an opportunity for a photo or two, but being the consummate professional, the only real opportunities are when you get back in the evenings, usually at this stage you’re crashed out watching the TV, but still it’s nice holding a camera again.

This one is of the ceiling- I like to think it has echoes of that famous red, bare bulb photograph, only in B&W.   I did shoot it in colour, but the ceiling was brown.



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