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slow motion emotion


We’ve been spoilt for choice recently for slow motion emotion here in the UK. FIFA’s “bet-fest” in Brazil offering daily glorious “slo-mo” dives, pirouettes, shin tapping and buxom fans (it’s 2014 how can they not have a TMO- oh that’s right, betting). We’ve had two weeks of the unerringly posh class division that is Wimbledon, and the BBC’s penchant for slow motion crowd- blondes, and then finally now, the start of three weeks of proletarian bliss as the grande depart starts in Yorkshire and meanders its way across the UK and France. Slow motion here being used to show us the carnage at the end of sprints (hint for Sepp here- they have and use commissars, who actually make decisions after events). Mind it’s heading down South for the next few days before going back to France, so cue the inevitable outrage in the papers from irate top-gear fans about cyclists not paying road tax (neither do you, road taxes are collected from general tax).

So I’d thought I’d return to some slow motion emotion photography from last year. In full David Hemmings, Blow- Up mode: M6 and a 90mm summicron (apart from the last one and the holga pillow). Tener duende (got soul) was the working title for the shoot, being who you weren’t, that kind of thing. There’s a kind of marilyn thing going on here, amongst other things.


RJAfp11square RJA8-Edit-2square






    • Thanks Eric, Tri-x and HC110 (7 mins 1:47). That’s become pretty much my go to, and expose at 250. Still use rodinal occasionally, but mostly for pushed above 1600 and sometimes with roll film.

      thanks for the like and following- i’m going to have a look through your blog this weekend.

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