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DSCF0572Apologies for the break and apologies for the pretentious title, it should really say “in amongst the crap that you forgot you shot, because there’s nothing physical to tell you when you’ve taken enough photos, unlike a roll of film”. Or something along those lines.

We’ve been away again working up North, so I took the opportunity and sent my leica away for a service- there’s nothing really wrong with it, other than I get every frame line up in the viewfinder whens hooting with a 50mm, and since that’s what i shoot most, it got a bit annoying. So I just took the fuji.

I think I’ve finally figured out my problem with digital- I can’t remember the last time I shot enough photos to fill a memory card, so I never feel the urgent need to empty it, or even to review them on screen. So the camera just sits on the bookshelf waiting for the next time I use it. Also because I can review a shot after taking it, I tend to do that, and then think “oh well, it looks a bit crappy on the screen, so I’ll come back to it later”, but then rarely do. With film, you can’t see it, so you remember when you took (or more usually, thought you took) a good shot and look forward to eventually developing it and looking at the negative. You also know when you’ve shot a few, because you have to change the film, it’s there, in your hand, a physical thing with weight.

I suppose I could tape gaffer tape over the screen and use the smallest memory cards I can find, although I could just wait till the camera comes back from the shop.

Top one- Taransay from near Tarbert, Harris.
Bottom one – Aviemore, not long on the top.





  1. Emil

    I really like your blog and photos! Im interested in the first shot here, did you take it with the fuji x100? Maybe set to square format or just clipped afterwards? The scene and the light are wonderful.

    • Thanks Emil glad you like it. It was a fuji x100, and then cropped afterwards. I’m not that keen on the 35mmm field of view so end up cropping it quite a lot.

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