Brendan Gara Photography

back in black (and white)


I got the chance to visit Callanais standing stones again whilst back in the Hebrides last month.  Back in 2008 we went on a camping holiday starting in Lewis and then working our way down to Barra in the south, wild camping and generally just mooching about.  We got to the stones pretty early that time and it was a genuinely strange place.  The stones at Callanais on Lewis are some 5000 years old and it’s an interesting place to have a wander around.

The atmosphere was definitely less intriguing this time, it was difficult wandering around without getting in the way of some landscape photographer or other jiggling their graduated filters up and down, or kids running around.

Humbug aside, the shot below is from 2008, on digital and with significant graduated filter jiggling!  It’s interesting (to me anyway) how over the past 6 years I’ve stripped everything down to a minimum,  have more fun, worry less about “camera settings”, (and to me anyway take better photographs).  The one at the top is Tri-x, sunny 16 and M6 and 28mm lens.



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