Brendan Gara Photography


Ilfracombe Jan2014 Small-18


Showers today, forecast again for tomorrow.  Severe gales and rain on Saturday and Sunday.  The showers make an almost welcome change to this year’s endless gales, flooding and damage.

It’s difficult to describe the effect in the South West of the weather so far without being pithy.  It’s like everyday the UK is travelling backwards into the third world, but we have to pay more and more for the privilege.

So here’s my pithy three point plan: start dredging the rivers, start investing in sea wall protection and start making the “showers of s**t” planning committees who approve housing developments on floodplains personally responsible for the next 10 years at least.  I’m pretty sure that would go some way to reduce the effects of flooding.

Ilfracombe Jan2014 Small-7

The magic holga shot through the window, portra and tri- x, on the cloudy setting again (obviously).


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