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enfys sq-1


Enfys- the Welsh name for a rainbow.

I like the name and it seems fitting considering we see rainbows appearing over the Welsh coast from here in Ilfracombe.  It’s a good time of year for seeing them; the winter sun is low in the Southern sky, whilst squalls blow in from the Irish Sea up the Bristol Channel and past us.

I find them hard to photograph without it looking unnatural.  Supersaturated colours don’t look right to me and their subtlety is hard to translate to film or digital.  That’s good though as it means I’ll have to keep going back and shooting them as they appear, and the name is pretty evocative.

We lived in Wales for about 18 months once and ironically spent many hours looking over the Bristol Channel to North Devon, thinking it looked nice.

Wales was interesting, green and damp mind.



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