Brendan Gara Photography

30 seconds looking North West

20131129-20131129-DSCF0103-EditA storm blew up the other day, not particularly bad, maybe a 7 on the Beaufort scale, enough to get the sea nice and foamy.   It had been dead calm for several days before, so the change was refreshing.  I’m not sure I like long exposures anymore.  At first I loved them, the ability to reduce motion to a smear, or solid tones of grey with even longer shutter speeds.

I got tired of it though, you see it everywhere and with digital it’s so much easier, or to be fairer “requires less investment”.  Long exposures on film need a bit of thought, a few (albeit simple) calculations to account for reciprocity effects, and the willingness to gamble on the outcome.  No more peeking at the back of the camera to see if it’s worked, and then reshoot till you get it right.   There is an emotional investment there.

Having said all that, this is a digital file, processed in DxO3, which I’m starting to like a little bit.  On the other hand though, I’ve just shot 6 rolls of Portra roll film and can’t wait for that to come back from the processors.


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