Brendan Gara Photography

point & shoot

Ilfracombe holga1

So the move went OK, we’ve nearly brought everything we need down to the seaside, but the rest can wait till Christmas.  Only small hiccup was my MacBook lead giving up the ghost so I had no access for a few days.  It wouldn’t have mattered so much if were in the midlands as the apple store is pretty close, but we ended up driving all the way to Exeter an back just to get one.  Three hours for a lead, still could have been worse and required a new MBP.

I’ve nearly finished putting together the South East Asia stuff into a book (well a magazine to keep the costs down), so should have that up on Blurb in the next few days if anyone’s interested.

The seagull?  From ilfracombe taken with a holga.  I like holgas, all you do is frame it then press the button.

No electronics, no metering (there is a button that says “sunny” or “cloudy” but it’s pretty lame), something a bit like a viewfinder, and something that pretends to be a focusing thing: just point and shoot.

I’m going to take a whole series on “the combe” with it.  I’ll keep you posted.


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