Brendan Gara Photography


BG_FUJI_VIET-246We had wanted to visit Phu Quoc since the start of our trip.  It would be our last chance of some sea before heading home, and we wanted to have a “holiday inside a holiday” before coming home and the January winds.  It’s also an interesting place to visit as it is changing so quickly under the influence of tourism.  The new International airport had only just opened when we landed and it had the feel of somewhere where concrete was being poured at every opportunity, and every waking hour.  Phu Quoc is off the South coast of Cambodia, and its ownership by Vietnam is still a source of disagreement between the two countries.  The island is about 50 miles long and 16 miles at its widest.  The North of the island is still largely owned by the military and access is limited, but as tourism grows more land is being released to developers.

We were staying at a family run hotel along the main beach strip south of Duong Dong the largest town.   The beach was nice, white sand, warm water and a great place to relax and try and get a tan.  The guests were mostly Russian and a few French, and everybody kept to their own areas.  We had a good few days, getting up late, going for a swim, having some food, some more swimming, a few iced beers and then more food, night time swimming in the phosphorescent waters.  You get the picture.

We ventured into the towns night market a couple of times and had some stupidly big and cheap seafood meals.  We hung around the beach in town and to be honest, people seemed to be enjoying themselves more.  Families were just enjoying the sea, the waves and each other’s company.





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