Brendan Gara Photography

heading south (again)

BG_TRIX250_VIET_54Time to move on again after a few days in Dalat.  We’d like to go back, it’s an interesting place, spared by both sides in the war, and it genuinely feels like an oasis of calm from the heat of the South and the grey of the North.  We did some other touristy things while we were there: some good, some not so much: a piss poor tour guide (not the motorbike guides, they were fantastic) and animal exploitation aside, there are some good people here and it’s worth seeing that to get a balanced view.

Back then, to the Hotel Caravelle in HCMC for a night.  I’d wanted to stay there, just to say I had, and to go back to the bar and soak in the atmosphere.  In the end I ended up meeting my cousin and his family again in another bar which was even higher up, with an even more jaw droppingly stunning view, where I tried (unsuccessfully) to get investment in my new “cricket bar snack” business.  D on the other hand (and to be fair she was long asleep by the time I took the phone call for the rooftop drinking session) took advantage of the Caravelle’s secret weapon of a Sealy bed.  When the cricket bar snack business takes off and your all eating them going “yeah, cricket, that’s so cool, I wish I’d thought of that, but I’m not so sure about the BBQ pork flavour”, I’m going to be lying back on a Sealy bed.  I’m not into flash cars, so the first thing I’ll buy with the profits is a decent bed to get decent nights sleep.  Honestly it’s like nothing we’d experienced before: morning came way too soon.

At which point I found that I had overslept, having arranged to meet my cousin for breakfast, after which we caught a flight to Phu Quoc and flew over the Mekong delta.  Travelling can be tough.



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