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Another off travel post but still photography related.  I occasionally shoot in a studio, usually no more than once or twice a year, and only when I have some reasonably (for me) well-developed ideas.  These tend towards story themes or shots that could be used for book covers or the like and get submitted to an agency afterwards.  I’m not a natural studio photographer, I don’t really like studio strobes, I prefer natural light.  I don’t shoot with a DSLR, I use rangefinders or a large format camera: that’s a little anachronistic these days. Models generally expect instant feedback from the LCD screen or off an Ipad after downloading over the ether, not having to wait a couple of weeks while I develop the film, scan the images, clean them up etc, etc.  If you get the right model however, none of that matters, and they get the workflow and the slow way of working, and it just works.

I’m a sucker for a simple headshot as well, there’s so little and yet so much to get right or wrong.  I think this one worked: a large gridded beauty dish from above at f8, a shoot through umbrella to the side at f5.6, Tri- X rated at ISO 250, shot on a 90mm focal length on my M6.

We shot a few more ideas, which I might put up here in the next few weeks.  All in all a good session and I’m spoilt for choice of images, Kimi is a talented model.

I tried the Fuji, couldn’t get it to stop “auto-ISO-ing”, damn, stupid, digital.


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