Brendan Gara Photography

way down below the ocean

Vinpearl Land sits on an island in Nha Trang Bay.  You can’t miss it: there’s a cable car connecting it to the mainland that stretches across the horizon.

Arriving by cable car you feel like you’re entering Jurassic Park (although without dinosaurs or Dickey Attenborough).  Apart from that it’s a pretty good description.  It’s a massive theme cum water park and when we visited it was full of sunburnt Russians (there is a direct flight from Russia to Nha Trang, so that explains its prominence as a holiday resort for wealthy Muscovites).

It is monumentally mad, words or pictures don’t really do justice to the insanity of the place: we were sat at an eatery eating curry and chips, surrounded by hordes of speedo- clad, sunburnt bodies, whilst ABBAs “Happy New Year” was blaring out repeatedly.

There ‘s a pretty cool aquarium there though (built with assistance from Kelly Tarlton from NZ).


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