Brendan Gara Photography



Never done this before, known lots of people who have raved about it, but never really understood why.  It’s actually really very good, quietly paddling in unison a few inches above the water.  You get to experience things from a whole new angle; the horizon is closer, birds skim across the water on your eye level, and you can feel the power of the sea as waves of energy pass beneath the kayak with the swell.

There is the Zen like tranquility that comes when you both get in the zone: the paddles moving in graceful figures of eight, following some kind of maximum efficiency/ minimum effort choreography.

We should do this, we should definitely move back to the coast when we get home, we should buy a sea kayak, get fit, go exploring.  Five years in the countryside is too much, too much grass, no liquid horizons and no metronomic beating of the waves to count down your life.

That’s settled then, were going to move and were going to buy a sea kayak, but we must never, ever be in the same kayak again: life is too short to argue that much and go round and round in circles whilst we work out the paddling!





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