Brendan Gara Photography

up around the bend


Mekong cruise.  You have to do it.  Whisky villages, scarves, snakes bottled in rice wine, temples – tourist stuff for sure, but the real thrill is the river and jungle.

It’s easy to drift away as you’re skimming across the water, inches above the brown water, the jungle on either side and the sharp jagged peaks sticking out in the distance.

If you got off the boat here, or there, or on that sand bank what would you find?  Would you make it more than a few yards without being blown up by unexploded ordinance or get eaten?  There are tigers out there, there is a whole jungle full of stuff that will kill you or at least rot you away.

As you pass reeds and floating trees the one thing that brings you back to reality is the amount of plastic bags trapped in the branches or stuck high up, flying in the wind like some kind of crappy pennant to tourist excess.







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