Brendan Gara Photography

One Crab Two Crab Red Crab Blue Crab


We had planned to go to Koh Tao for a week to get some “beach, sea and sun”, get tanned and look like we had been in- country a while.   Monsoons though, wind, rain, heavy seas, poor sanitation- life’s too short to waste time on pre- planned dreams.

Koh Si Chang sounded like a good alternative, only a couple of hours away from Bangkok, beaches, sea, seafood and quiet through the week.


We stayed for five days and loved it.  It was quiet and relaxed with good food, warm water and friendly people including a smattering of swaying expats who slowly made their way down to the beach everyday, shaking off the previous days excesses with a bottle of Singha beer at each and every roadside shop.  My kind of town.


Our Thai wasn’t great but the restaurants had pictures on the menu, and when we couldn’t understand that, another menu was brought out with bigger pictures.  Much pointing at pictures, much shaking of the waitress’s head, much nodding knowledgeably from us, and everybody’s happy.

The cook came out with a menu with even bigger pictures in it.  “It’s fine, we can cope with the chilies, no worries”


So the food arrives, raw crab with chilies, just like the really big picture on the menu, the picture with the blue crabs on it, the picture showing chunks of raw, chopped up, blue crab, not red cooked crab, blue, raw.


I should mention we are/ have been/ were both marine biologists.  We kind of forgot that there’s a good chance blue crab is blue crab just waiting to turn into red crab when it gets heated enough.

Mmmm blue crab.  Maybe the chili kills the bad bugs in your stomach, or Singha?


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