Brendan Gara Photography

Temple fatigue


I don’t mean to be rude.  I don’t mean any disrespect, but I can’t do any more.  Not for a while at least and certainly not when a group tour rocks up minutes after we’ve paid the entrance fee.


I like temples, but there’s so many of them.  I don’t remember ever visiting this many churches or cathedrals in the UK or wherever else.  Possibly Chile on second thoughts, there were lot’s of them there; very proud of them they were too.

I was brought up Catholic but it’s not something I have much, if any, time for these days, I never did like people telling me what to do.  That could also be my biology degrees.   I read somewhere that biologists were the most likely of scientists to be atheists.  Something about seeing life for what it is: chemicals and energy gradients all following a simple feedback loop.

Anyway back to the temples.  They are beautiful, there’s no denying that and there is something in Buddhism to really warm to.

But the tour groups; the horror, the horror.








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