Brendan Gara Photography

How it started


This as good a starting point as any.  We went on a trip to see Vietnam, stopping off in Thailand and Laos en route.  We were there for 11 weeks and we had the time of our lives.

Originally I had thought of doing a book about the trip, but whilst travelling I couldn’t get an angle on what it should be to differentiate from everybody else’s travels.  So I’m going to put it up as a blog and see if I can work out what it should be as time goes on.

I like cameras, but I don’t obsess about them, I like pictures better.  I know what works for me and it may or may not work for you.  If you’re interested in what we did and you like my pictures then welcome aboard.

This is what I took to Vietnam, a Leica M6 and a Fuji X100, a couple of lenses and 120 rolls of film (Tri- X and Portra).  We went through 13 x ray machines at airports, and I had the film in my hand luggage- I can’t see any damage.

This picture is also on “in your bag 442” at Japan Camera Hunter with some more information about the gear


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